Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden. Founded circa 1250, Stockholm has long been one of Sweden's culture, Mass media, politics, and economy centres. Its strategic location on 14 islands on the south-central east coast of Sweden at the mouth of Malaren, by the Stockholm archipelago, has been historically important.
Stockholm is known for its beauty, its buildings and architecture, its abundant clean and open water, and its many parks.
It is sometimes referred to as ''Venice of the North".
Stockholm houses many national cultural institutions. There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Stockholm area: The Royal Palace Drottningholm (within Ekerö Municipality) and the SkogskyrkogÄrden (The Woodland Cemetery).
The city's oldest section is "Gamla Stan" (Old Town), located on the original small islands of the city's earliest settlements and still featuring the medieval street layout. Some notable buildings of Gamla Stan are the large German Church (Tyska kyrkan) and several mansions and palaces: the Riddarhuset (the House of Nobility), the Bonde Palace, the Tessin Palace and the Oxenstierna Palace.