Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa. It is located in north Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya.
The Serengeti hosts the largest mammal Animal migration in the world, which is one of the Wonders of the WorldNatural travel wonders.
The region contains several national parks and game reserves. Serengeti is derived from the Maasai language, Maasai language; specifically,"Serengit" meaning "Endless Plains".
Approximately 70 larger mammal and some 500 Bird species are found there. This high diversity in terms of species is a function of diverse habitats ranging from riverine forests, swamps, kopjes, grasslands and woodlands. Wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and African Buffalos are some of the commonly found large mammals in the region.
Currently there is controversy surrounding a proposed road that is to be built through the Serengeti in Tanzania.